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Why you should take this particular Cherokee language class.

I teach language because it is the only subject that can be taught without any previous knowledge requirement. Speaking a language is like walking. It is a fundamental attribute possessed by humans that every human learns easily and fluently. Speaking a language with all its intricacies, like ruining and dancing, becomes easier and more proficient with practice.

My research has uncovered many useful benefits to language learning. Multilingual people have a greater brain usage and a greater problem solving capacity as a result of learning a second language. So if you simply want to exercise your brain to a fuller capacity, take this language course.

• Language is the way people communicate. Learning a language teaches fundamental communication skills.
• Language encapsulates culture. If you want to learn a cultural perspective takes this course.

The method of learning a language is one I have developed and call the ELISI method based on how grandmothers and parents have successfully taught their children to speak fluently for hundreds of thousands of years. Grandmothers did not necessarily live with their grandchildren but had the ingredients to teach their grandchildren well over human existence. They used two human qualities that have successfully worked in teaching, Love and Patience. Other qualities that grandmothers have are non-judgementalism, caring, supporting, and total concern, all encapsulated in the quality of nurturing. Grandmothers are nurturers filled with Love and Patience.

Nurturing involves a give and take, a listening ear, an observant eye, and a noticing of motivational factors such as natural abilities and talents. Nurturing also involves satisfying a person’s inquisitive mind and providing lifelong affirmation and support. Lifelong learning requires lifelong nurturing and grandmothers provide that in spades.

Grandmothers teach small lessons over a long period of time at a regular pace adjusted to each person’s interest, abilities and motivation. Grandmothers teach the whole person all the time.