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South Africa - USA Parallel History: Shaping the Future by Oliver Lawrence Community Organizing Handbook: Indigenous empowerment for justice The Learning Organization: A collaborative management model White Consciousness and Indigenous Consciousness: Short term gain or long term sustain Animals, Birds and Colors in Cherokee: A starter language word list 1000 Numbers in Cherokee: A Starter Language Word List Time in Cherokee: iyuwanilvhi

About the Instructor. Dr Oliver Lawrence

Hello and Welcome!
I design and teach online courses that are not available in most schools, colleges, or universities based on my life experience and the experiences shared in mass movements. As a part of the Anti-Apartheid movement that freed Nelson Mandela we created a New South Africa.

Register for a special 5-week course starting Jan, March, May, July, September, November.

Course (171201) Survey of community organizing from the oppressed perspective.

To access a wider audience the full price is $99.00, the student price is $49.99, and the discount price is $9.99 under the honor system.

Course (171201)
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I designed and taught college level for credit courses for over 10 years such as: Mass Movements: Poetry and Songs of Mass Movements.

I have also held many community organizing workshops such as Creative Strategies

Courses offered online include

  • Mass Movements
  • Grassroots Community Organizing
  • Education & Leadership
  • Consciousness
  • Racism
  • Non-Racialism & Ubuntu & Gadugi
Email: Dr@OliverLawrence.com

I provide dissertation review for Ph.D. candidates.

Every dissertation requires a proofreader for grammar and APA style formatting.

In addition I provide analysis of methodology and statistics.

  • Quantitative Methodologies
  • Qualitative Methodologies
  • Mixed Methodologies

Feel free to contact me for more information.
Email: Dr@OliverLawrence.com

Learn the Cherokee Language while playing cards. A great tool for adults and children to learn together or for the classroom setting.

  Cherokee Card Deck01 by Oliver Lawrence
Cherokee Card Deck Item # PCDR002201 ($9.99)

This is a special set of cards created with the Cherokee language in mind. It has a set of Wolf, Bear and Eagle in place of Jack, Queen and King. Each card has a Cherokee name for the card too. So players can learn to ask for or show cards using the Cherokee language. This is a nonthreatening way for repetition and using Cherokee pronunciation of certain words which can be expanded with language cards that are also available. Please email for the full set of Cherokee Language card sets available.

  Animals, Birds and Colors in Cherokee: A Starter Language Word List by Oliver Lawrence
Cherokee Card Deck Item # PCDR002201 ($9.99)

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