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This is my site for Technology and Social Justice. I have been busily changing the world through technology and education and now I am writing and sharing my presentations online so that the next generation can learn from past experience.

There will be full access to my social media musings even though I have given up on using platforms that profess free speech as long as it is in line with their own paradigm of speech.

There will also be access to all my past presentations in class and online as I prepare them for sharing starting in January 2023. So let me know your specific interests by emailing me at Dr@OliverLawrence.com. I will prioritize any suggestions that fit in any of the categories from the list below.


Introduction to the Internet.
Scoring Technology Proficiency.
Microsoft Office through Systems Administration.
Programming Languages.
Machine Code and Assembler Language
The History of Technology.

Social Justice

How to change the world
The USA Civil Rights Movement and the South African Apartheid Struggle
The Parallel History of the USA and South Africa.


Eliminate Racism Now!
The History of Racism.


Cherokee Language and Syllabary.

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